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3 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. My first experience with this amazing sauce was after winning a bottle in a contest. It is by far the best hot sauce I have tasted! It has such a deep smoky flavor with a hint of sweetness. As the tag-line says, Great Scott It’s Hot! We went through that bottle quickly and I ordered more along with a pack of jerky. The jerky is so delicious! I highly recommend both!

  2. Hi! I’m no amateur when it’s comes to spicy food. Recently tried your hot sauce and thought it was great. I made chicken tacos and topped them off with a “generous” helping of your sauce. Looking forward to trying something with seafood. Maybe fried shrimp? Anyways, great job!

  3. Doc’s Fusion Fuel is some awesome stuff!!! Great flavor and nice heat!!! I highly recommend it!!!

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